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Steve is A. Nigma High's quarterback and the leader of the Jocks.


During the year prior to the series start Steve was made quarterback of the A Nigma High football team. His ring was stolen by closet kleptomaniac Ed, the school water boy, along with a prized family heirloom, a one hundred year old towel dubbed bub-bub.

He is good friends with fellow Jocks Evan and Trevor.

Season 1[]

Steve first met Lee Ping in the halls. Lee believed that he or someone else on the football team had framed him for the prank by messing with his bag during the prank, based on a football ring seen in the picture. Steve believe that Lee was responsible for stealing Bub-Bub because he had come to associate Lee with trouble.

When Lee snuck into football tryouts to investigate the jocks Steve uncovered his identity almost immediately. However Lee was able to convince him to let him stay by insulting his pride. Lee eventually discovered that none of the Jocks were resposible for the prank it was in fact Ed who had messed with the bag. However Ed simply stole a can of paint from Lee's bag.

Greatful that Lee had found who stole the Towel Steve helped him escape from Principal General Barrage. He is shown to be eternally greatful to Lee helping him escape from akward situations such as at Brandy's party where Lee was trying to avoid the camera.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

It is revaled that he has a crush on Greta (Much to Holger's displeasure) which he denies at first to an angry Holger, but is later found out to be true.

Season 4[]

Steve and Holger compete for Greta's attention at the mall, only for her to reject both of them in the end.



Steve is loyal to his friends which includes Lee Ping, the entire Football team, and other popular groups in the school. Despite this he takes sadistic pleasure in bullying other students, at one point turning the Jocks loose on the water boy.