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Stinky is one of the 15th Graders. Like Emmett and Chopper, he has been held back at least three grades. Nevertheless, he appears to be the friendliest of the trio, eventually warming up to Lee Ping and even offering Lee rides on his scooter during crucial moments.

Season 1Edit

He mentioned that his ultimate dream would be to become a clown. Due to this dream, he is regarded as the group's comic relief.

After the confrontation with Lee Ping and the Tazel Wurm, Stinky took his sarcastic advice to go to clown school like he had wanted to. As a result, when Lee was across town and in need of getting back to detention before Barrage got back, and Stinky gave him a lift on his scooter.

Season 2Edit

He is part of the school council.

In "School Hard", Brad designates him as the comic relief character in his action movie cast.

In "The Dance Part 1", as a part of the secret brainwashing scheme, he is paired with cheerleader Toni.

Season 3Edit

It is revealed that Stinky has begun to pursue his dream of becoming a clown and has started attending clown school in "Clogspiracy."

Season 4Edit

He is seen with the rest of the 15th Graders in "Common Denominator" and reveals to Lee and Biffy that Copper has a crush on Beth.



  • Stinky is the only 15th Grader to appear in a second episode in Season 1.
  • Irwin's partner chart in "Misadventures in Babysitting" indicates that he was paired with Beth for the robo-baby project.


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