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This page regroups every people Lee suspected of being RadCircles.

List of suspects[]

Character Episode Clue(s) Proof of innocence
The Jocks Jock and Roll High School
  • The hand inside Lee's bag had, besides a scab, a ring of their team.
None of the quarterbacks had any scab, and Steve lost his ring because Ed McFeeney stole it.
Ed McFeeney Jock and Roll High School
  • Was putting his hand inside Lee's bag shortly before the prank.
Was actually just stealing a paint bucket.
The Skaters Skate or Die
  • Confessed to be involved in the Prank.
Were actually mailed by RadCircles for carrying out the paint.
Irwin Dexter Math Math Revolution
  • Has a passion for maths coinciding with the nickname "RadCircles".
  • Hates Lee for leaving the Mathletes.
Had a different email from RadCircles' and confessed to have only made the doctored photo of Lee.
The Dudes of Darkness Dudes of Darkness
  • Were suspected by Lee to have created the "Prank Song".
Actually just recorded it.
Chopper McNeal 15th Graders
  • Confessed to being RadCircles.
Revealed that this confession was actually a joke.
The Treehuggers Welcome to Factory Island
  • Were responsible for the meltdown of the Green Apple Splat Factory.
Confessed to have only released the frogs in the school during The Prank.
Camillio Martinez The Hair Incident

Chaz's Corner

If the Shoe Fits

The Cam-didate

  • Was seen with the same backpack as Lee's during the first school day.
  • Bought an expensive voice modifying app.
  • Destroyed the footage of the first school day.
  • Was seen by Trevor acting "weird" on the rafters during the first day.
  • A footprint of his shoe was present on the rafters
Was actually hypnotized by RadCircles.
The Outcasts Outcast Times at A. Nigma High
  • Were present at Lee's 10th birthday, which mean they could have heard the word "butterscotch" to hypnotize Camillio.
Lou was unable to hear anything during Lee's birthday, Jenny forgot Lee's birthday after suffering from amnesia and Deuce is scared of words starting with "B".
Biffy Goldstein Double Date
  • Was seen during Lee's 10th birthday spying the party through the window.
  • Was running away from Lee throughout the episode.
  • Was befriending a cleaner.
  • Was imitating RadCircles to prank Lee.
Revealed that he faked to be RadCircles only to prank Lee and that he came to Lee's birthday party just for smelling the icing of the cake.
Ruby Kwee Mastermind
  • Confessed to be responsible for the prank.
Was sick during the day of the prank and confessed that she faked to be responsible for the prank only to not go to university.
Maxwell Finnwich Finding Finnwich
  • Was the only person aside from Lee who could have known the word to hypnotize Camillio.
Showed Lee a newspaper article, proving that anybody who read it could have learned the magical word.
Lynch Webber Knock-Knock
  • Lee saw a video of RadCircles with his own voice, as well as a voice modifier inside his bedroom.
None, is actually RadCircles.