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Suzie (center) and her fellow TreeHuggers.

Suzie Elliot is a serious savior of the environment and one of the three TreeHuggers. She first appeared as a background character in Dudes of Darkness, where she made a comment about how Cyrus quit the band. Later, she made her first, main appearance in Welcome to Factory Island, where she wore glasses throughout the episode, and revealed that she did the frog-part of the Prank. She is shown to be in Mrs. Rosenblue’s third grade class along with many other students including Cam.


Suzie is very committed to her cause of environmentalism, and shows particular interest in frogs. It's suggested that she's believed in this cause since at least the 3rd grade. She is very loud and outspoken about her beliefs, but is very reckless with the actions she takes to liberate animals. For example, releasing the frogs during The Prank could have gotten them injured, and causing the meltdown at the Green Apple Splat factory could have caused some frogs to die while trapped in vats.

Cam's grade 3 class

a young Suzie is seen holding a frog in the class photo.

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