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The Down With Lee Club
Season 1 · Episode 12
Episode Information
Written by Mark Steinberg
Directed by Kevin Micallef
Flag of Canada   Air Date March 29, 2012
Flag of Australia   Air Date July 28, 2012
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The Down With Lee Club is the 12th episode of Detentionaire. It first aired on March 29th, 2012.


  • Lee Ping's Bedroom/HQ

"I pulled off the biggest prank in High School History and because of it, I got a whole year of detention. Problem is: I didn't do it, but I did have to pull a few other pranks to clear my name, and I might have gotten a few people in trouble and made a few people mad, like Irwin, Emo Joe, Ed the water boy, and Robin; not my biggest fans. Worst yet, someone named Radcircles contacted me and admitted to everything, and now they're getting way too close for comfort. I don't like him. First, he set me up, now he's texting taunts. Radcircles, whoever you are, I'm going to get you back."

Lee Ping is carrying Principal General Barrage's robotic leg through the halls, with Biffy Goldstein telling him to get rid of it before he's expelled or worst. Lee asks what could be worst and Barrage answers in the form of a death threat. Lee is cornered by both Barrage and the Cleaners behind a corner.

  • 7:50AM

Lee, Camillio Martinez, and Holger Holgaart take the bus to school, Holger taking the liberty of showing his lack of juggling abilities. Once at school, Mrs. Ping informs Lee that if he should ace his math test today, then she will allow him the weekend off. Lee makes plans with Tina Kwee to go to the "Patsy for Hire" concert on Friday, and is unwillingly also forced to take Brandy Silver as well.

During the Math test, Lee's pen is stolen and replaced with one filled with invisible ink, thus causing him to fail miserably. Because of this, Lee is forced to cancel the date with Tina. He also discovers the Down with Lee Club graffitied outside his classroom, showing how much the group hates him. Behind the school at Ed McFeeney's house the Club consisting of Ed, Irwin Dexter, Giuseppe Stern and Robin Raven are celebrating their victory against Lee.


Radcircles speaking to the "Down with Lee Club" via video chat.

The group is contacted by Radcircles, who has noticed their hatred of Lee but points out their work is second rate. Radcircles tells the group that he has a plan that will get Lee expelled, and reveals information that if Lee is blamed for one more prank, then he will be expelled! When asked how he knows he simply states, "I know everything, it's scary sometimes."

Meanwhile in detention, Lee has met Biffy Goldstein who states that based strictly on his deduction that the Down with Lee Club meets at Ed's treehouse. Biffy sends in Mrs. Rumplekittykat with Lee to spy on the group, but unfortunately, not only do they not get any usable information, but the group's pet crow exposes the spying cat, forcing Lee to vacate.

The group shouts to Barrage that Lee is out of detention, forcing him to rush back just in time for Barrage to check his alibi. During Gym class Lee devises a plan to infiltrate the Down with Lee Club. Lee informs Holger and Camillio that one of them will need to help him fight that will make it look like they're turning against him, promising that the one who helps gets the four "Patsy for Hire" tickets Lee bought.


Lee and Cam staging a fake fight in order for Cam to infiltrate the "Down with Lee Club".

This causes some minor conflict to arise. Camillio points out that it has to be him, as Ed will never allow Holger to join due to his water boy grudge. The fight goes as planned with the added benefit of boosting Camillio's social status shortly after it's determined Camillio will be the one to aid lee.

The group (Down with Lee Club) is eager to admit Camillio, but Radcircles is suspicious and states that as a precaution they must first stage a test of his loyalty.

  • 3:23PM

Camillio with a cell phone on speaker wired to Lee as he infiltrates the group. The Down with Lee Club begins to confide in Camillio, informing him that they plan to stage three pranks at once: first, they will use acid to burn 'Ping Rocks' into the football field. Secondly, the parking lot will be flooded with foam, thus drawing the faculty outside where they will see the football field, and third, while the faculty is outside, sewage will be pumped into the teacher's lounge.

Lee notes all three plans and is confident they'll be ready for them and will be alongside Camillio and Holger. Yet, all are completely unaware that it's a ruse.

  • 12:35 Noon

Holger is out at the football field waiting to catch the group in the act, while is Camillio in the parking lot and Lee is outside the Teachers lounge. The group (Down with Lee Club) are no shows and Biffy soon learns why. He manages to hack the security cameras and learns that Irwin has planted something into Lee's locker. Lee then realizes that this wasn't part of the plan at all, and something is wrong, to which Biffy replies that he (Lee) has been duped by the Down with Lee Club. Out of the four of them, Holger is closest and gets there in time to remove Principal Barrage's leg (the item that was planted in his locker to frame Lee and get him expelled) merely seconds before Barrage arrives.

Holger flees and hides in a closet with the leg but accidentally breaks the knob off, trapping himself inside. At first, Camillio tries to go help Holger, but before he can, he's intercepted by the Club, forcing Lee to go help, Holger. Lee breaks Holger out of the closet and orders him to run while he deals with Barrage. Picking up where the preview left off, Lee is able to escape into a vent by ditching the leg thanks to a distraction from Holger.

After being dismissed from detention, Lee confronts the Down with Lee Club. At first, he believes it's simply because of Irwin's math grudge but they explain that they were forced to take the fall for his pranks.  They also reveal that someone far worse is after him who has a taste for "Knock, Knock" emails. At home, Holger and Camillio call Lee from the concert, having taken Greta Von Hoffman and Brandy out, respectively.

Lee receives another "Knock Knock" email from Radcircles awarding today's victory to Lee. The episode ends with Lee promising him defeat.




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