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THE Logo

The Logo

The Logo is a frequently appearing motif throughout the show.

So What Is It? Edit

Later on, it was found to belong to Mann, Wurst and Finnwich, but its usage stretches also to other company divisions such as Mobile Wireless Federation. The Most likely explanation is that the unidentified company, serves as a front for the Coral Grove Cult, who use the many products the company makes. The trades associated with logo cover almost every aspect of everyday life including (but being not limited to) software, paint, food and soda drinks.


The Logo itself resembles a small green maze. If you look closely you can see a letter M at the top right corner, a W at the bottom of the M and F. Each standing respectively for Mann, Wurst, and Finnwich, and also Mobile Wireless Federation.



  • On the GPS used to track Lee
  • The cans of the Radioactive-Green Paint
  • On a door of the Green Apple Splat factory
  • On the picture of Art Wurst
  • At the wall of the house in the background of the Pings family photo taken in Korea
  • Encrypted as QR code at Coral Grove leaflet
  • The A Nigma High's PSAs were produced by "THE Logo Productions"
  • On the collar of the man used in the PSAs.
  • Some documents and the envelope enclosed to Lee's files
  • As a part of a layout of Barrage's fingerprints matching software.
  • The logo was the main decoration theme of the company, in which Biffy's parents are employed
  • On the box of the crystal guns that the Cleaners used.
  • On all of the cases of the new phones for the students.
  • On the packet of hypnotizing Green Apple flavoured jerky.
  • On a painting in Lynch Webber's house.
  • On the schematics of the Prank.
  • On the seat heads in the taxi the cleaner was driving.
  • in Lynch Webber"s house on the computer.
  • Green Apple Splat cans.


  • The Logo is actually three letters M, W, and F which stands for Mobile Wireless Federation (the company's name) as well as Mann, Wurst and Finnwich.
  • The company is deeply connected to people involved in the Prank:
    • One of the founders is Elizabeth Mann, ancestor to Cassandra McAdams current head of the company.
    • The legion of Art Wurst's are cloned from the original Wurst.
    • Maxwell Finnwich, the man who was initially thought to be behind the plot, is actually one of the companies' founders.
    • Elizabeth Mann is a co-Founder of Mann, Wurst and Finnwich company
      • She was titled "Mrs. Mann" that could mean that either she or her husband was a one of three founders
      • She has been dead for 20 years



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