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THE Logo

The Logo

Mann, Wurst and Finnwhich are a global conglomerate responsible for the manufacturing of a variety of different products around the world. It is frequently refereed to as the most powerful company in the world by both its current heads, as well as other people with a connection to it. MWF own many shell company's with connection to the prank and the council, including Green Apple Splat and the Mobile Wireless Foundation.

In the Beginning[]

Mann, Wurst and Finnwich is a multi national, world dominating corporation, first founded by Elizabeth Mann, Art Wurst, Maxwell Finnwhich and Lo Ping in the 1900's. The company was founded shortly after the first opening of the pyramid by Alexander Nigma, almost 112 years before the show. The company was set up with the help of His Eminence to research the pyramid hidden below A. Nigma High, and more importantly, to find a way of reopening the pyramid. His Eminence then marked all 4 with a distinctive birthmark that would be passed down through their bloodlines, to forever connect the 4 with the pyramid and its prophecy. It is possible that the students (who then became the founders of MWF) original interest in reopening the pyramid was to attempt to free Alexander Nigma, and that they thought this was the goal of His Eminence. However shortly after founding the company and beginning research on the pyramid and also the construction of coral grove, Lo Ping, Lee Ping's grandfather, learned of His Eminence's true plan and escaped, covering his birthmark with a tattoo to attempt to conceal himself from the prophecy, and from MWF, who had quickly become one of the largest corporations in the world.


The Logo itself resembles a small green maze. If you look closely you can see a letter M in the top right corner, a W at the bottom of the M and F. Each standing respectively for Mann, Wurst, and Finnwich, and also Mobile Wireless Federation. Is is possible that the original logo was different, with a fourth letter, P, representing the Ping family, however this is not revealed in the story. This lack of a letter P could also be due to the MWF corporation only being formed after Lo Ping's disassociation with the group.

Current and Former Members of Modern MWF[]

Current members of MWF include descendants of the original founders, as well as a variety of other people working both directly for MWF or for one of their shell company's. It is assumed here that the members of The Council are also all members of MWF, however it is possible that they are separate entity's outside of MWF that operate using MWF funding.

  • Cassandra McAddams: CEO of MWF and relative to Elizabeth Mann. It is assumed that she inherited the company from her grandmother after her passing 20 years before the events of Detentionaire. Cassandra is proclaimed at the head of MWF, however acts as more of a figure head for His Eminence. Cassandra is also likely partially evil, as many of her non pyramid related endeavor's are to do with Brainwashing and World Domination.
  • Art Wurst (multiple): Despite death due to an incurable illness almost 100 years prior, Art Wurst still is in partial control of MWF. Numerous clones of Wurst are shown to work high up in MWF's command, as well as more clones of his working for the Mobile Wireless Foundation.
  • Maxwell Finnwich: First introduced as a separate entity to MWF, he is later shown to have an office at the MWF HQ, Coral Grove. It is unknown weather he is there on his own accord, or is kept as a prisoner, however Finnwich does later reveal that he is not interested in opening the pyramid again, but preventing it from being opened.
  • His Eminence: Leader of the council, and by extension MWF. His eminence is shown to have been able to psychologically manipulate Cassandra into researching the pyramid, and devoting huge amounts of MWF's resources to it. It is known that he never revealed the true extent of his plans to the council, only finally revealing them to Cassandra in the final episodes.
  • Cassandras Brother: An unnamed member of the council, assumed to be a research scientist and possibly historian. It is not known weather he has a personal interest in the pyramid, or if he is just interested in opening it for his sister. Also the grandson of Elizabeth Mann, meaning he has a connection to the pyramid weather he likes it or not.
  • Other Unnamed Member: A second unnamed council member, shown to have a keen interest in the prophecy and the pyramid. She is shown attempting to retrieve the book while it is in Jenny's possession, and then also trying to open the pyramid, where she is zapped into a indefinite sleep, similar to that of Niles Pegg.
  • Li "The Serpent" Ping: A member of the council, and the councils personal assassin, spy and security team. The serpent is the owner of "Hydra" the casino situated directly above the end of the underground tunnels, conveniently at the submarine base leading to coral grove. It is unknown if the serpent really has any interest in the pyramid, mostly concerning himself with his orders from the council and also with finding his long lost family.
  • Alfred Ping: Shown to be helping conduct experiments in the underground tunnels below the school and possibly the casino. It is unknown what he is working on or researching, only that he is an expert research Dr, who has received awards for his work and regularly attends work conventions and conferences.
  • Biffy's Parents: Shown to be working at the MWF shell company, Mobile Wireless Foundation, however their position in the company is not revealed at first. It is later shown that they were responsible for the design and construction of the brainwashing phones given to the students at A. Nigma high as a part of the Brainwashing experiment. It is unknown weather they were aware of the true use of the phones.
  • Veronica Victoria: Originally a part of a military led (but possibly MWF funded) research team looking into Brainwashing and mind control, that was later shutdown due to a lack of faith and results. Victoria then continued experiments using the technology, before eventually massing enough evidence to present her idea to MWF, who then agreed to continue the program and funded her research and development, providing the students of A. Nigma high as a test base.
  • Lynch Webber: Orignally the founder and head of the Green Apple Splat company, Webber is then recruited by Veronica Victoria to assist in taking out Principal Barrage by going undercover as a school student. He is the mastermind of the prank and is also responsible for framing Lee for the prank. He has an obsession with Knock Knock jokes and also with finding the key for immortality. It is unknown if he is still the leader of the Green Apple Splat company after it was bought by MWF.
  • Jenny Jergens' Aunt: Jenny Jergens unnamed aunt is shown to have been a part of the research group headed up by Veronica Victoria. It is unknown what role she played in the research, only that she was very intelligent and also a research scientist, similar to Alfred Ping.
  • Principal Barrage: Also a part of Veronica Victoria's original research team, possible as the link between the military and their interests in the technology. He left the team after a lack of results, but before leaving the military, presumably continuing his service, before leaving to become a Principal. Barrage's prosthetic and cyborg implants are also developed by MWF, and are currently maintained by Maxwell Finnwich. He also acts as a partial hand to Cassandra McAddams, as she implants a mind control device in his mind allowing him to be controlled remotely.
  • Sue Ping and the teachers: Although not members of the MWF directly, the teachers of A. Nigma high that were captured and cloned are still a part of the conspiracy, adding to the story a layer of complexity.


  • On the GPS used to track Lee
  • The cans of the Radioactive-Green Paint
  • On a door of the Green Apple Splat factory
  • On the picture of Art Wurst
  • At the wall of the house in the background of the Pings family photo taken in Korea
  • Encrypted as QR code at Coral Grove leaflet
  • The A Nigma High's PSAs were produced by "THE Logo Productions"
  • On the collar of the man used in the PSAs.
  • Some documents and the envelope enclosed to Lee's files
  • As a part of a layout of Barrage's fingerprints matching software.
  • The logo was the main decoration theme of the company, in which Biffy's parents are employed
  • On the box of the crystal guns that the Cleaners used.
  • On all of the cases of the new phones for the students.
  • On the packet of hypnotizing Green Apple flavoured jerky.
  • On a painting in Lynch Webber's house.
  • On the schematics of the Prank.
  • On the seat heads in the taxi the cleaner was driving.
  • in Lynch Webber"s house on the computer.
  • on all Green Apple Splat cans.


  • The Logo is actually three letters M, W, and F which stands for Mann, Wurst and Finnwich, however it was first thought to stand for Mobile Wireless Foundation, as the logo is seen outside their building in which Biffy's parents work.
  • The company is deeply connected to people involved in both the Prank, Brainwashing and the final conspiracy:
    • One of the founders is Elizabeth Mann, ancestor to Cassandra McAdams current head of the company.
    • The legion of Art Wurst's are cloned from the original Wurst.
    • Maxwell Finnwich, the man who was initially thought to be behind the plot, is actually one of the companies' founders.
    • Lo Ping was also a co founder of the company, however he left after learning the true meaning of the company and its then leader.
  • Mann, Wurst and Finnwich are the equivalent to modern day amazon, controlling many aspects of peoples lives through their products and vast wealth, and its CEO being able to control stock markets, food shortages, and even peoples thoughts.
  • Despite the original intentions of the company, modern day MWF are more interested in dominance over the world, with its current CEO Cassandra McAddams having no interest in the pyramid other than to learn the secrets of world domination.
  • All of MWF's projects and products are leaning towards a world domination stance, with products such as the Brainwashing Song, Phones, Apple Smoked Jerky and more.