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The Tag Along
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Season 1 · Episode 11
Episode Information
Written by Alex Ganetakos
Directed by Kevin Micallef
Flag of Canada   Air Date March 22, 2012
Flag of Australia   Air Date July 21, 2012
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The Tag Along is the eleventh episode of Detentionaire. It first aired on March 22, 2012.


"I'm the guy everyone thinks pulled off the biggest prank ever! And I got a year of detention for it. So I sneak out of detention every day in hopes of tracking down the real Prank mastermind, some guy who loves Knock, Knock jokes and goes by the email tag Radcircles, and here's a tip if your school ever has a frog infestation and your principal offers a field trip to the local Green Apple Splat factory just say no way. Trust me, being trapped inside a pop factory that's about to explode way less cool then it sounds. But this I found led us into a tunnel system just like the one under the school. Hmm, I wonder what else this key opens."

  • Earlier that day

Lee Ping and Camillio Martinez are dropped off at school by Mrs. Ping in the middle of a rainstorm. They meet Holger Holgaart inside A Nigma High who is excited about something today but Camillio makes him change the subject before he can explain. Lee notes that Holger is bone dry despite the fact that it's raining outside and asks him how he did it.

Holger explains that while he was lost inside Brandy's condo he found a series of old underground tunnels that run throughout town, which he took instead of the rainy alternative. Lee realizes that the tunnels might be the same ones he saw while he was hallucinating and decides to investigate the library where Holger states the tunnel entrance is.

When Lee gets to the library intending to try and open the door with the key he got from The Red Tazelwurm the bell

Tina attempting to interview Lee while they were outside after the fire alarm was pulled.

rings for first period thus forcing him to go to class. When he gets to class, Mr. Langhorne asks where he was, but Lee is cut off by the fire alarm, Lee gets another 'Knock, Knock' email from Radcircles discovering that he is spying on him again.

Everyone panics and runs outside. Later outside Principal General Barrage arrives and is angry about the alarm, and his prime suspect is automatically Lee. However Vice Principal Victoria arrives with the real perpetrator Lynch Webber. Barrage gives Lynch detention for the stunt. During detention much to the latter's annoyance Lynch joins Lee and Biffy Goldstein in the detention room.

Biffy and his cat are hostile towards Lynch, mostly because Biffy doesn't trust him. Lynch explains that he is Lee's biggest fan and pulled his own "prank" to emulate him, requesting pointers from Lee. Lee wants to go to the library to investigate the

Barrage bringing Lynch into the Detention room.

tunnels but he can't with Lynch present. During lunch hour Holger and Camillio plot with a unidentified figure only referred to as 'Big Guy', as well as Brandy Silver and Steve. Lee tries to get a look at the library before Victoria initiates renovations.

Unfortunately the Alarm is pulled a second time, this time Barrage doesn't know it was yet. Tina Kwee requests another interview with Lee mostly to prevent Chaz Monerainian from one-upping her. During afterschool detention Lee sneaks out to the library, Lynch his unwitting partner in his endeavor.

In the labs the duo spot Dr. Alfred Ping Lee's father. Lee also finds the brainwashing room which he discovers has been cleaned out. Lee finds his father's office where he finds a picture of his family in Korea as a infant. Lee calls Tina for her interview, unfortunately the office is cleaned out by the time she gets there. Adding to the problem the group is cornered by Cleaners and only saved by a distraction provided by Biffy and fire alarm and The Red Tazelwurm.

Lee, Tina and Lynch running from the Cleaners underneath the school.

Outside Lee's friends and father reveal that they've been planning a surprise birthday party for him, which thanks to the fire alarm they now have to have in the rain. Barrage comes in and reveals that he's lifted prints off of the fire alarm that confirms Lynch pulled the alarm again, thus Victoria give Lynch permanent detention sorting the student files.

At home Lee wonders about the family photo. When he asks his dad about the photo and the Tunnels he claims that the photo is of his family vacationing in Korea. He also states that he toke the tunnels to avoid the rain, requesting that he don't tell his mother about them and warning him to stay out of them since they're structurally un-sound.


  • This is the second episode in which Lee makes contact with Radcircles without knowing it. The first was Disco History Times.
  • Lee's birthday is sometime in early autumn (fall), since it takes place during a school year.
    • His birthday is probably in September or October, as it is implied that he has not been in school for more than a couple of weeks (which would place the date sometime in these two months).
  • In this episode it's hinted that Lee might have been born in Korea.
  • During the conversation with his son Dr. Ping states that his wife hates him (doing dangerous things)



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