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The Detentionaire Theme Song is a song that is performed at the beginning of every episode, with the exception of Blitzkrieg Bop'd,  where instead, the Detentionaire logo is shown and the first verse heard in the background of the scene with Lee Ping and his mother (Sue Ping) in the car and in The Dance (Part 2) a recap is made and the logo shown. The Dudes of Darkness have also performed a cover of this album, which features Cyrus running across town to get to one of his gigs. There is also another version of the song available from the Asher and Skratt website.[1]

Character Appearances[]

Original version (Seasons One and Two)[]

In order of appearance:

New version (Seasons Three and Four)[]

In order of appearance:

Dudes of Darkness version[]


I don't wanna
take the heat, no
now I gotta
go it solo..

I don't wanna
do the time, so
I just gotta,
take what's mine, whoa.
(bah bah bahbah babah)

Walkin' a fine line,
keepin' control.
Deep in the cut,
ready to roll.
Are you friend,
or are you foe?
(bah bah bahbah babah)

Now I gotta,
go it solo.



Dudes of Darkness[]