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The TreeHuggers worried about the frogs swimming in Green Apple Splat.

The Tree Huggers (also called the Environmentalists) are a trio of students whose goal is to raise awareness for environmental causes. They released the frogs that were present during the Prank. Originally planning to use the assembly as a distraction, they had accidentally released the frogs into the auditorium. The leader of the Tree Huggers is Suzie.

The trio realized that Lee Ping was blamed for the Prank and decided not to confess, realizing that doing so would only compromise further attemtpts to save the frogs. They successfully tried again on dissection day.

In "Welcome to Factory Island", Principal General Barrage and Vice Principal Victoria scheduled a field trip for the tenth grade, including the environmentalists, to the Green Apple Splat factory as a result of the frogs.

Seeing the inhumane treatment of the frogs at the factory, the group triggered a nuclear meltdown to free the frogs, inadvertantly locking themselves and the rest of the students in the factory. Fearing their deaths, Suzie confessed to Lee about their role in the prank.


  • According to a Q&A session with Detentionaire co-creator Charles Johnson, the Tree Huggers have avoided punishment for their actions in "Welcome to Factory Island" due to having influential parents.
  • In the same Q&A session, it is mentioned that the students of A. Nigma are used to the Tree Huggers staging protests and that they [the Tree Huggers] are always looking for trouble.