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Unaired pilot
Season 1 · Episode 0
Episode Information
Written by Daniel Bryan Franklin & Charles Johnston
Directed by Kevin Micallef
Flag of Canada   Air Date Unaired
Flag of Australia   Air Date Unaired
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The unaired pilot was the original version of Blitzkrieg Bop'd that was never released to the public. The pilot is exactly the same as the aforementioned episode, although with many differences - the most notable being Lee Ping having a different voice actor for the episode: Evan Smith.


  • Lee Ping has a different voice actor in this episode. Instead of being voiced by Jonathan Tan, he is voiced by Evan Smith.
  • Brandy Silver wears a white shirt for the entire episode.
    • This is retained for her first appearance in the final version.
  • Many characters, such as the Dudes of Darkness, have different appearances in the show. Some of these models will go on and be used for other characters (albeit with minor changes).
  • Several lines were changed slightly between the pilot and Blitzkrieg Bop'd. For instance, Lee says "I'm also dead if these mutant robots catch me so tell me something I don't know!" in the pilot, but "I'm also dead if these cleaner freaks catch me so tell me something I don't know!" in the later episode.
  • The Hazmats wore yellow instead of white.
  • Veronica Victoria had a more stereotypical Texan personality.
  • In the pilot, Lee ducks down to avoid the Hazmats with goop forming a mustache and beard. In Blitzkrieg Bop'd, the goo instead just covers his eyes.
  • Druscilla Duke has a lighter complexion and blonde hair.
  • The format for the clock on the lower half of the screen is different, being brighter and less subtle than the official format for the series.
  • Wendell Barrage is seen in a grey suit as opposed to a blue suit.
  • LaGreenor Jonesones wears a red shirt instead of a blue shirt.


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