Detentionaire Wiki

The Underground Tunnels are under the school. They have been visited by Lee many times. They appear to have been there for a very long time with the exception of all the new labs that have been seen. All doors can be accessed by three ways. 1. A Key-Card system 2. A keypad with a code and 3. A key-hole for one of the ancient keys.


The Underground Tunnels can be accessed by many entrance points. These are all the entrances that have been seen throughout the series:

  1. The Library entrance (accessed by one of the keys or a key-card)
  2. A closet in the principal's office (accessed by one of the keys or a code)
  3. An elevator to the Brainwashing Room from Room 113b (a normal door)
  4. An additional set of tunnels under McAdams Mansion (an elevator)
  5. A hatch in Shop Class
  6. A hatch under the Outcasts' table in the cafeteria (located on top of the Pyramid)
  7. An additional set of tunnels under the Green Apple Splat Factory
  8. Coral Grove
  9. Elevator in the Serpent's office at the Hydra Casino
  10. MWF Loading Station (Keypad or key)


  • Brainwashing Room (Key or key-card)
  • Robot Chamber (Keypad or key)
  • Alfred Ping's Office (Key-card)
  • Unknown MWF Lab (Key-card)
  • Pyramid Room (Hazmat arm to shut down rays-shield)
  • Submarine Base (Hazmat arm to shut down ray shields)

Rooms in the McAdams Mansion Tunnels[]

  • Council Meeting Room (Keypad or Key)

Green Apple Splat Factory[]

  • ancient keys.