Hello MTV and welcome to my mansion. Sorry! Wrong show, come to think of it,I don't own a mansion, actually wrong thing altogether! Where was I? Hello, I'm PepperDog, your average wiki contributor, who (belive it or not) created this account to contribute to this website and others. You'll often find me floating around a few of the following wiki pages;

Gravity Falls


39 Clues


Yea, that's about it for this blog-profile thingy, I didn't really think through what I was going to put here so I'm just sort of rambling on, and, on now until I remember what I wanted to say... Right!

Send. Me. Your. Theories.

(For either Gravity Falls or Detentionaire please.)

I live for the conspiracies and theories, it's what drew me into both of those shows, nothing is to distrubing,(Minus Pinecest) or un-real to me, whatever it is, I'll investigate until the day I die! If you ever get that feeling where you've realized something and want to share it, tell me!

If this profile-avatar thing seems a little too silly for you, remember, it was just a gimmic to keep you reading. I am, in actuality a serious person, and will take you thoughts and theories seriously if you ever want to.

Also, my other goal for this account is to help clean up the wiki and let it stay that way. I'm often in a hurricane of editing, fixing whatever I can, even if it's only minor. I'm often found spamming the "Random Page" button, so that way I can well round everything, hmmm, maybe I should put limits on how much stuff I edit...

Yea, that's about it, this has been "Reading PepperDog's Profile because I can." tune in next week- Sorry, still have TV on the brain.

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