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Brandon Storm9 Brandon Storm9 28 August 2013

SOPA is back people

For those of you who aren't painfully aware yet the demon bill from hell known as SOPA is back and people are attempting to quietly pass it so that no-one knows about it but can still be passed anyway. Now this means that random blokes on youtube, Fan Fiction writers and even well intention wikia contributors like you and me will be carted off to prison for doing the things that we do every day.

I don't know about you guys BUT I'M PISSED OFF! THIS IS THE MOST OUTRAGOUS BULL **** I HAVE EVER SEEN! For those of you who have nothing better to do than defend our long standing right to geek out on our favorite shows I recommend that you make your way to the nearest email, facebook, blog, twitter, or whatever else people are doing these days acco…

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Brandon Storm9 Brandon Storm9 20 September 2012

Detentionaire Spoilers

Hello there my people, it has come to my attention that a few episodes have aired across seas ahead of the Canadian schedule and that people have begun to post this information on the wiki. Thus I feel the need that to point out the fact that we are working from the Canadian schedule and that any information posted ahead of the schedule should be considered spoilers and removed until the episode airs. Comprende...?

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Brandon Storm9 Brandon Storm9 8 April 2012

Ranxerox interview

Attention my people CMR and I are planning on doing a interview with Detentionaire creator and Wiki member Ranxerox76. To this end I am collecting questions from you to ask Mr. 76 when the time comes. Feel free to post whatever question you may have.

UPDATE:Daniel aka Ranxerox has requested that all questions asked be about pre-existing episodes (EX: what is Mrs. Ping's first name) so as to avoid spoilers for upcoming episodes.

UPDATE:Daniel has requested that all of our questions be sent to him on the 18th of April in the form of a private Message. To that end Myself and CMR will be acting like a buffer, removing all spoiler related questions and all repeated questions. Also because of the deadline I will delete then replace this blog post …

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Brandon Storm9 Brandon Storm9 6 April 2012

Season Finale, more questions than answers.

Hello my people! Guess what I just watched the two part season finale and while I don't have time to fill in the details on the actual pages I can get the point across via blog post.

SPOILER ALERT you have been warned...


Now to the educated conspiracy theory guess. Some of you may have heard someone say something indistinguishable during the prank, which is later revealed to have been "switch the bag" I bet that was a post hypnotic suggestion meant for Camilio to switch Lee's bag with the one he bought also likely under the effects of hypnotism, we know he's affected by the stuff.

All of that info Lee has been gathering has been painting Cam has a red herring and innocent hypnotised pawn. And for those of …

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Brandon Storm9 Brandon Storm9 16 March 2012

Well this was unexpected...

I've just been informed that I've been promoted to Administrator. I didn't really ask for it, but I will try my best. That said there's a few things I've been meaning to do around the Wiki that I think I can get to now.

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