Hello all, TC1 here. OG’s of this Wikia will remember me but for those who don’t here’s a brief introduction - 

I’m one of the original admins, over 1600 edits on here, I basically devoted my early teen years to preserving this place and it was 100% worth it. The show captured my imagination and had me hooked for all 4 seasons.

I’ve returned here once again to check up on things and I’m floored by the fact that people are still hanging around. The show ended like 5 years ago and people still took the time to clean up the pages, post occasionally, etc.

You’re all truly devoted. I have to respect that.

To my fellow OG’s (Rad, ACL, Jall, the like) if you somehow find your way to this post, gimme a shout. I’d love to catch up. 

To the relatively new users - keep it up. Just because the show’s ended doesn’t mean this site has to go to shit.

That said, the show has ended. It’s long gone. It was amazing and inventive and unique while it lasted, but it is long gone, hence my titling of this post. It is really the end

Lastly, thank you guys and thank you to the show’s creators for making my younger years more interesting. I’m forever appreciative of that.

- TC1/Joran van Doorn 🌹

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