Although this may be something everyone would know, I just want to post this here for future reference, 'k?

So, according to this website, Teletoon has announced the new episodes and seasons for 2013. Among three of the new seasons are Johnny Test's sixth season, and Detentionaire's third season. According to the site, this is the official description of the third season:

The first two seasons of Detentionare saw Lee Ping sentenced to a year of detention for a prank he didn’t commit. With this new season comes a new – far more epic – prank and Lee is getting blamed for it again. Once more, Lee and his friends will try to uncover the truth about the prank and figure out the reason for the strange behavior of many of the adults in town.

I believe I've heard that description before. Anyway, it also says the scheduled première date for the season is "Fall 2013", so that means it will première in September, just as it did this last year (2012).

This news isn't exactly new, unless you haven't heard this before.

Hopefully the new season will answer most of the cliffhangers:

What was the prank?
Is Barrage alive?
What happened to Lynch and Victoria?
Will the Coral Grove teachers return to A. Nigma High?
Does Lee's father actually work in the labs under the school, and what does he do?
What is with the Council?
Are there any side effects of the hypnosis the students experienced?
Why does the Tazelwurm help Lee?
Are the Cleaners working again?
What did the Mobile Wireless Federation have to do with this whole conspiracy?

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