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Principal General Wendell Barrage is the new principal of A Nigma High following the disappearance of his predecessor, Principal Wurst. He is also considered an anti-hero. His title, Principal General, implies that at one point in time, Barrage was a part of an army, and was promoted to General. Barrage had also been a part of a super-secret government experiment, along with Veronica Victoria, Dr. Lob, Dr. Pummel, and Dr. R. Wurst.


Prior to series start[]

Poor wendell

The full extent of Barrage's cybernetics.

Barrage is a war amputee, having lost his right leg, left arm, and right eye and all replaced with cybernetic prosthetic limbs designed by The Amazing Finnwich, also having several necks and torso augmentations as well.

He was once a General in the army, part of a black ops team and thus a good portion of his past is "classified". This is later revealed to be a brainwashing experiment with other members including Veronica Victoria, Dr. Pummel, Dr. Wurst, and Dr. Lob.

The project was deemed a failure and all but Veronica discontinued work on it. He had a nasty encounter with a particularly unpleasant drill instructor who would become the basis for a hallucination known as Colonel Von Virus (as seen in "28 Sneezes Later".)

He claims to have once been a crooner (Dudes of Darkness (episode)"); claims he had to gnaw off his leg for sustenance while lost in the desert with no rations; and that he no longer has tear ducts, making him physically incapable of crying. He took the position of Principal for the singular purpose of investigating the disappearance of the missing members of the project.

Season 1[]

Barrage was present in the auditorium when the prank was set off. He found Lee's bag which was stuffed full of incriminating evidence and gave him one full year of detention as punishment for the prank. During an interview with Tina Kwee, it was revealed he has information about the missing Principal Wurst. He also has replaced the Janitorial staff with cleaners who act as muscle for him.

He frequently replaces staff that is otherwise unavailable such as Coach Pummel. He also stated that whenever he gets sick his prosthetic becomes uncontrollable, which is proven to be true. He doesn't shy away from his time in the military, bringing the same standard and much of the equipment to his new posts such as artillery cannons (used to launch footballs) and high Explosives (which he used for special effects.)

Barrage is a constant threat to Lee and his investigations. In nearly every episode Lee must sneak out of detention in order to collect evidence to clear his name, while also avoiding or hiding from Barrage to avoid being given more punishment for leaving detention.

Season 2[]

It is revealed that he is actually involved in a secret government programme and was technically on Lee's side.

It is also revealed that VP Victoria was controlling Barrage with green apple splat jerky, which he soon became aware of and used on Phil Blompkins to ace a later-on inspection that would have otherwise gotten him fired. He then assisted in the escape of Tina and Lee when they were being transported to Coral Grove.

Season 3[]

After Barrage saved Tina and Lee he was taken away by the Reaper Mats and he was interrogated by Cassandra McAdams. After ex-inspector Phil Blompkins was fired as principal Barrage was returned to A Nigma High as principal with his memory wiped (believing that instead of being held prisoner he was on vacation at Coral Grove) and under the control of Cassandra McAdams and The Council.

Under the Council's orders, he upgrades the detention room, constructed a fence around the school, put a bounty on the Tazelwurm's head, attempted to break up a protest, made the students watch a safety video about the solar eclipse, and filled in a hole to the underground tunnels dug by the Outcasts.

When the Outcasts steal Lee's bag Barrage tried to help Lee, with gusto to find it, mostly out of the chance to try out his old interrogation techniques, working with and mentoring Holger and Camillio during the process. During the interrogations Barrage referred to Holger as a talented and skilled interrogator: whoever he was interrogating would tell him anything he wanted just to get him to stop talking.

Later on, Barrage discovered he was under the Council's control and attempted to remove their Control Chip chip himself. Unfortunately, his attempt at self-modification backfired when he went berserk as a result, attempting to kill Lee, luckily Finnwich was able to deactivate him before he did any harm.



Barrage bringing the "new meat" into the Detention room.

Barrage is well versed in the ways of the military, particularly war strategies and explosions. He is capable of wiring powerful explosions for the special effects in a school musical. As principal of the school he has control over all lower-ranking staff members and the only person who seems to be able to outmaneuver him in this department is Vice Principal Victoria, who has been shown to discipline him with rolled-up papers when he seems to go overboard with his commands.

All staff members and even the Cleaners report to him, however, it is unknown if the Cleaners report to him out of the fact that he is the principal or not. Barrage's voice can also break the effects of the mind control song and he seems to be immune to it as well. He seems to be good at gaming as well, playing a tank game on Holger's phone for hours ("Skate or Die") (though he may have just been good at it due to having once lived it.)

Barrage's cyborg enhancements enable super-strength in his right arm, and his leg can shake the very foundation of the school, and his robotic eye allows him to scan sizable crowds and pick out small details (mostly used to spot Lee) it also allows him to calculate various angles and such allowing him to catch a group of cheerleaders he had knocked off balance without missing a single step. His prosthetics also have had various features.

He has also shown to be capable of fighting the most fearsome of adversaries such as Blue Tazelwurms, Cleaners and was even able to hold his own against the Reaper Mats and probably could have beat them if not for their magnetic arsenal messing with his metallic parts.


Barrage is the stereotypical army general, speaking in military jargon at all times and brutalizing people for their mistakes. He takes a great deal of joy in confiscating things from students and especially loves dragging Lee Ping to detention during free periods, lunch, and after school. He has a zero-tolerance policy, a no-nonsense attitude, and a short temper all made evident by his utter hatred of Lee Ping.

This zero-tolerance policy goes to the extreme of conducting a schoolwide lockdown to stop sick kids from leaving school. Barrage is also a hardcore football fan, as he coached the football team through difficult, military-level drills during tryouts. He also seems to enjoy the Dudes of Darkness heavy metal music and was once a crooner saying he enjoys jazz music.

Despite his outward appearance and attitude, underneath his cold exterior, he is not above giving compliments to students and praising their abilities, such as Holger's waterboy abilities or Lee Ping's hat. Barrage also has a flair for the theatrical, especially when it comes to explosives. Despite how he treats his students he is exceptional, if not exceedingly, loyal to them. This is the result of transferring his "no man left behind policy" to the school from the military. At one point he broke into the Green Apple Splat factory when it was on the verge of self-destructing when a handful of his students were trapped inside.

He has shown to be gullible at times, as demonstrated in "The Hair Incident" when he mistakes part of a rose for Lee Ping's hair at the mall. Also, in "Disco History Times" he called Lee Ping "El Beardo" even though you could see his distinctive hair under the costume. Since he used an X-ray vision in "Chaz's Corner" to find Lee Ping when he hid under a desk, he could have simply used it to find Lee since he expressed interest in knowing who "El Beardo" really was. Additionally, he mistook Biffy for Lee when they swapped places after Lee's hat fell off and you could see his hair better than ever, even with Camillio Martinez trying to hide him while dressed as The Tazelwurm.


Lee Ping[]

Barrage believes that Lee Ping is responsible for the prank on day one of tenth grade, as such has assigned Ping to be a year-long detentionaire. Barrage refuses to lay little to no leniency towards Lee.  Barrage seems to have also made it a personal responsibility to drag Lee to detention during lunch, Lee's spare period, and after school ("Blitzkrieg Bop'd" "Friday Night Bites".)

When Lee Ping got a day off of detention Barrage refused to let Ping have such a day but when it was too late to stop it, Barrage "awarded" the victory to him. ("15th Graders") Barrage has begrudgingly gained some respect for Lee after he helps him and his classmates escape from a nuclear meltdown, affectionately calling him private though stating that he will not let up on his detention anytime soon ("Welcome to Factory Island".)

Dead Cyborg

He sacrificed himself so Lee and Tina could beat Deputy Principal Victoria and Lynch (Radcircles)

Number 77[]

"Number Seventy-Seven (whoever you are) I want you on this team"

During the try-outs for the football team where Lee Ping was trying to discover who switched his bag Barrage took a personal liking to the mysterious new player, the only one of the new players to pass every one of his tests. He automatically wanted him on the football team and went to great lengths to track him down. However, Lee Ping escaped with some aid from Steve.

Barrage wanted Lee Ping as his "backup star player" so much that he ignored punishing Ed McFenney (the school thief) to get him on the team. Barrage is blissfully unaware that Number 77 is in fact the year-long detentionaire that he detests and has yet to see him again since the tryouts ("Jock and Roll High School").

El Beardo[]

Lee Ping and Biffy did a duo act where Lee's cover was almost blown. Barrage loved the play and compared the actor to Alexander Nigma, but is once again blissfully unaware of his true identity ("Disco History Times").

Alexander Nigma[]

Barrage seems to look up to A Nigma as the founder of the school. He even commented on his play as being the greatest moment in this school's history since it was founded by the man himself, though attributed it to his special effects.

Holger Holgaart[]

Lets see what you can do, you crazy Euro-peon
-Barrage (From Jock and Roll High School)

During Holgar's tryouts for the football team Barrage automatically cut him from the list due to bad football skills. He however was later impressed with Holgar's abilities at being the water boy providing quality water and food for him and the Jocks. He eventually gave Holgar the position of water boy. However, when Holgar auditioned for the school play Barrage was shocked at Holgar's dance moves and said he never wanted to see that ever again.

Colonel Von Virus[]

Judging from Barrage's reaction to seeing the German virus, it would appear that Barrage has met (or at least hallucinated) the flu-spreading fiend one before the events of "28 Sneezes Later". Though it is very likely that this was a hallucination from the flu, and that Barrage imagined the whole thing. Von Virus seems to be based on German Generals, judging from his accent and style of dress, it is possible that Von Virus could be based on a German Soldier that Barrage had an unpleasant encounter with.

Principal Wurst[]

Little is known about their relationship, aside from Barrage taking over Wurst's job. Wurst seems to be involved with Coral Grove, considering Barrage's opposition to the "resort" it can be assumed they do not share the same goals.


General Barrage is a half cybernetic ex-military tyrant. He also happens to be the new principal. Saying he rules with an iron fist is not only true but quite literal (he has an iron fist). He hates vermin, dancing, kangaroo pie without ice cream, and most of all, Lee Ping (for trying to make a fool of him on his first day). His mechanical eye is always zooming around trying to catch Lee in the act. He also has an army of otherworldly Hazmat cleaners at his disposal. profile


  • The students of A Nigma Highschool usually refer to him as Principal General Barrage. It is unknown if this is his full title or if the students call him this out of his military background. To date Vice Principal Victoria, Lee Ping, and Tina Kwee are the only people to call him only Principal Barrage, instead of Principal General Barrage. Victoria has also occasionally referred to him as General Barrage or General Principal Barrage.
  • Barrage claims that he ate his leg for nourishment. This could technically make him a cannibal, though it should be noted that he did so out of desperation.
  • Barrage loves explosions, probably because of his military history.
  • Barrage can be considered an antagonist in the series, constantly a threat to Lee Ping and his endeavors but ultimately proven to be a force for good. This however does not leave him out of being involved in the disappearances of Wurst and Pummel.
  • Barrage has named his robotic leg "Betsy."
  • "Betsy" also has the unwanted feature of giving people a warning that Barrage is close since it makes a stomping noise when he takes a step with it. This usually gives students (mostly Lee) a few seconds to react before he opens the door to a room, although it does have a rarely used silent mode indicated by a red light.
  • Barrage tends to rant and insult people while doing so.
  • Barrage was once a crooner and as such prefers jazz music to rock and roll, however, he still seems to like rock to some extent.
  • Barrage also has a "net gun" hidden in the sleeve of his jacket (on the side with his normal arm.)
  • Barrage has stated that he had his life saved by a goose in Zanzibar in '03 he also stated that he loves the said goose (he even keeps a picture of it with him and from this picture, it is shown that the goose most likely saved him from drowning by pulling him out of a body of water to shore.)
  • He believes that Lee has a rad haircut.
  • Barrage tells time with 24-hour clock time convention aka military time, rather than with the more common 12-hour clock one[1]. For instance, when Lee has to go to detention at 3:15, Barrage states it's scheduled for 15:15.
  • When Barrage is sick his robotic parts start to go hey wire in various ways such as his arm moving randomly to the point that he had to grab it with his other arm to make it stop and possibly his eye conjuring images of germ-based enemies.
  • Barrage seems to love popcorn so much that when his vehicle was made to start blowing it out the heating vents he responded with happiness instead of rage and started eating it.